Robert Amendola

"The 2008 publication launched in November of 2007. By February of 2008, I closed 6 cases directly from my advertising in Txhawb. I am definitely going to renew my contract."

From Robert Amendola
At Robert Amendola & Associates
Koua Lee

"I was getting calls from people as far away as San Diego CA, Michigan, Minnesota and North Carolina. Txhawb is the most prestigous and Professional Hmong Publication I have ever used. These guys know what they are doing."

From Koua Lee
At Hmong TV Network
Bee Yang

"I always keep three copies of Txhawb close by. One at home, one in my car and one at my office at Fresno State. What a great publication. It is so professionally done and the structure is easy to use. It has aided me on so many occasions."

From Bee Yang
At CSU Fresno
Charles Chue Vang

"Txhawb provides a unique, vital and professional resource for our community. It is a very effective advertising tool for my business and a worthwhile investment to help shape the future of our community."

From Charles Chue Vang
At Vangold & Good Luck Bail Bonds
Muas Vaj

"Phau Txhawb yog ib phau ntawv muaj nuj nqes rau peb txhua tus. Kuv nyiam siv heev."

From Muas Vaj
At Sanger High School
Connie Cha

"Txhawb is very useful for me in my business and to connect with other businesses in the valley. This is the only source to reach the Hmong community, a very needed resource for any business person. You will win out business opportunities if you don't use Txhawb. Connie Cha, PhD. Consultant to Organization, Organization Development Solutions."

From Connie Cha
At Connie Cha, PhD. Consultant Organization
Crystal Maichue Vang

Kuv tau nyeemnejphauntaw “Txhawb” los tau ntevthiabntau.Kuvnyiamheev vim nwsmuajntau yam tseemceebnyobrauhauv. Tsistas li, nejcov quality los yeej zoo heev.

Keep up the great work! I will always support Txhawb now and forever.

From Crystal Maichue Vang
Lisa Lee

Txhawb is very informative, elegant and a great way to reach out to the Hmong community. Thank you for all your hard work.

From Lisa Lee
Jarvis Vang

I love Txhawb ! Great articles and all at the same time informing the hmong community.

From Jarvis Vang
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