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Dr. Lon Yaj, D.C.New Life Chiropractic

At 10 years of age, Dr. Lon LoojYaj caught pneumonia, an experience that would shape his entire life path. He knew then that he "wanted to help others get better." He eventually decided upon chiropractic healing and decided becoming a chiropractor would allow him to best help others. In 2000, Dr. Yaj earned an A.S. in Math and Science, and an A.A. in Liberal Studies from American River College. He pushed on to San Francisco State, where he finished his Bachelors of Science in Cell Molecular Biology B.S. degree. From there he attended Life West Chiropractor College and received his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree.

There have been sacrifices along the way, but Dr. Yaj is grateful for his supportive family, especially his parents. In fact, Dr. Yaj's father taught him the meaning of sacrifice. Dr. Yaj recalls his father working "long hours away from home, only coming home once a month", instilling into him the values of prioritizing, and sacrificing at the present moment while aiming for greater goals that might have more time or effort to achieve. He is glad he followed his father's advice to "sacrifice/suffer now and have a great life later." His mother, meticulous in her "love and care, always made sure we were fed and dressed for school." Because of this he concludes, "Life couldn't be any better."

When asked how he defines "Success", Dr. Yaj answers, "Being successful doesn't mean to have money; it means that your goals have been achieved." For years now he has been enjoying in his success, having achieved his goals of helping others with chiropractic services. In fact, he doesn't even consider what he is doing as "work." His clientele base is steadily blooming via referrals, a testament to his dedication to "each individual patient to improve his or her health and condition." Along with his accomplishments, Dr. Yaj is proud of his generous sponsorships of various Hmong organizations, banquets and functions.

Throughout his years of studying and working to heal the community, Dr. Yaj has learned that what the elders say is true, "the older you get, the wiser you are." Knowledge and Wisdom takes time to gather, but it does so steadily, as it has with the burgeoning group of successful, well-educated Hmong people in the community. Dr. Yaj encourages the Hmong youth to utilize those pools of knowledge for their own advancement, because anyone "can accomplish anything with determination and commitment as long as they don't give up."

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