Txhawb is the California Hmong Directory for the ever expanding Hmong population in Central and Northern California regions.

Distributed freely to Southeast Asian Businesses and events, Txhawb is a full color directory with news articles, events, residential, and business listings for businesses related to the Hmong population.

Published by Yang Design, Txhawb has experienced and seasoned individuals from the Yellow Pages (Print & Web), Graphic Design and Marketing / Distribution industries. We have and know what it takes to get your business into the spotlight with the Hmong Population.

Our Mission

Our Mission is quite simple and clear. Create a great looking directory, that is fun and easy to use.

With Great News Articles, Clever Distribution, and Superior Ad Designs, Txhawb is the next generation directory. And with so many Yellow Pages Print Directories losing revenue to the Internet Search Engines, we are combining our resources to make our Txhawb a force in the Print and Internet Directories.

The Meaning Behind Txhawb

(pronounced ts-uh)

When a baby first opens his eyes to see the world, we “Txhawb” to nurture his purity and fragility.

When a newlywed couple spread their wings to begin their journey together, we “Txhawb” to bless the beginning of their life.

When a person experiences an illness we “Txhawb” to support and guide his spirit back to health.

And when a family loses a loved one we “Txhawb” to let them know we feel their loss.

The simple Hmong word “Txhawb” plays such an important role in the fabric of Hmong culture and society, it is the only word to define a publication that will thread together the Hmong of California by creating a resource that serves as a platform conducive for business and social networking.