Cheng Vang

Golden Key Realty

Cheng Vang is the owner and broker of Golden Key Realty and Mortgage. He holds a degree in both Electrical Engineering and Business, but it would be the latter area of study that determined his career. While attending school he was supported by his wife and family. As he was attending school he with his six brothers opened KC Super Market and Bingo; the first major Hmong grocery store in the Central Valley. “We started with a little store in Fresno called KV Mini-Market, and then we opened another one in Stockton called Highland Mini-Market,” Cheng recalls. “Those ran from 1985 to 1989.”

In 1991, the brothers also opened KC Mini-Mart, which would turn into KC Super Market in Fresno’s Asian Village, drawing the attention of Hmong shoppers from all around. In 1992, they opened Bingo and operated the two establishments simultaneously. KC Super Market ran until 1996 then it was sold. Bingo, however, has remained in their management to this day, and has had good business since its opening, receiving much costumer support from the Hmong community throughout the years.

When asked about the success of Bingo, Cheng says, “We did well with Bingo because we had provide a full line of products and provide services like check cashing, and local grown fresh produce;which really attracted restaurants and merchants. But most importantly, we did well because it was trust. What that means is there must be a strong level of trust. Trust is needed, especially for a family business. That we definitely had.”

“I’m always looking for other business opportunities,” Cheng says, who is also a restaurant owner and has three FedEx contracts. He also spends time investing in real estates. Above all, Golden Key Realty and Mortgage is still his main business operation. Golden Key provides a multitude of services, including but not limited to home and commercial loans, home listings, and short sales. “At Golden Key, I offer the best services I can. I work with clients from beginning to end. My job is to give them the best that I can get them. They trust my work. I haven’t done a lot of promotion. Most of my customers are referrals from old clients. That’s how my business has been growing.”

Cheng believes that Hmong businesses need to communicate and work together in order to grow and meet the demands of their customers. “We not only need to provide the best service for them, but also reflect on ourselves as how to improve our business practices. Instead of always focusing on competing with one another, we need to understand each other and figure out how we can best work together. This is how our businesses will grow as a community.”

Photography: Tudor Stanley

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