Dr. Daniel D. Moua


After three years of running Ministry TV in Michigan, Dr. Daniel D. Moua and his wife, Pahoua Lor Moua, moved to California to embark on a radio venture. They launched Hmong American Broadcasting, first on KQEQ 1210AM, and then on KGED 1680AM.

“Our people have been dispersed throughout the world,” says Daniel, “and the radio is like our bridge. We can use it to reconnect with one another and to educate everyone. Important issues can also be addressed and discussed on air, thus our community can progress together.”

“Think of the radio as the community’s eyes and ears,” Pahoua adds. “We will give people airtime if they want to come in and share their ideas with those who are listening. Unlike the old days, we shouldn’t bury our ideas but speak about them.”

“There’s no money in media,” the couple says. “What we do is also very time consuming.” Content and production work requires a lot of patience and effort. It takes about six to eight hours of preparation for Daniel to record their daily three-hour news report. Meeting the needs of customers can also be a challenge. Nonetheless, they see Hmong American Broadcasting as an important necessity for the growth of the Hmong community. “The radio station belongs to the community, we just pay the bills. We want everyone to know that our door is open for anyone who wants to share their goals and ideas.”

Aside from preparing programs and news for Hmong American Broadcasting, Daniel, also known as Xib Fwb Ntxoov Nruas, has been working as a fulltime pastor for the Hmong Christian Reformed Church since 1991, after receiving his PhD in theology from Cambridge State University. His wife, Pahoua, has fifteen years of experience in marketing and advertising, having spent eleven years as a recruitment sales specialist with newspaper giant, McClatchy Company, where she learned most of her skills through handling national agencies for The Fresno Bee. The couple is often busy with their children, ten in all, ranging from 3-22 years of age. They are also the owners of Moua Insurance and Financial Services.

Photography: Tudor Stanley

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