Gia Vang

TV News Anchor, Fox 26


B.A.- Journalism
Minor – Family & Consumer Sciences, Apparel Marketing & Design
Sacramento State University


One of the Few Hmong women to Anchor News in a Major Network Television Channel


As a T.V. news anchor, I get to come to work each day and talk to my colleagues about what’s going on in our local communities, the country, and the rest of the world. We get to decide what important stories impact our viewing area that day, and how to present that to the public that evening.

There’s a lot of preparation work through the rest of the hours leading up to the newscast. That includes writing, more discussions, and perhaps breaking news stories that we need to fold into our show. Once it all makes air, it’s up to the public to form their own opinions.

I know it’s a pretty special thing when you start off with a clean slate each time you go into work, and end up with a product essentially built from scratch.


I remember growing up in Sacramento, my parents would sit around the television and watch the local news every night before bed. I had always been fascinated by newscasters. But as a young Hmong girl, I never imagined I’d ever be a news anchor because I didn’t see anyone who particularly looked like me in those days. From an early age, I knew I wanted to impact the world, to make it better-not just for my family, but for my Hmong community. I enjoy writing, and I love human connections. Journalism seemed to marry my passions and my yearning to make an impact. After I stepped into a newsroom my junior year of college as an intern, I was hooked. But it would be a long journey full or failures and resilience before I realized my dream of becoming a news anchor.