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Even as a successful Real Estate Services entrepreneur, when Lee Her thinks about his arrival from the Thai refugee camp to Portland, Oregon in 1980, he recalls three things: being 14 years of age, possessing no education, and having deeply missed his sisters, brothers and parents left behind in Laos. Being without parents, he spent his late teens and early twenties juggling high school with part time jobs, and eventually had to take on a full time job while in college.

Lee didn’t let these hardships stop him. He went on to earn a Business Operations B.S. degree then worked for over 17 years as an independent life insurance agent. He has since expanded into the real estate field, launching up his own company, New York Real Estate. Lee is also licensed and provides financial services and insurance through his other company Lifewest Insurance Solutions. But the success of his real estate company now demands the majority of his time.
“People know me very well in the Hmong Community” Lee says, because he “provides the best in quality service to people regardless of education, class, age, gender or background.” Lee’s attitude, integrity, and efficiency set his company apart from others. “I love real estate”, Lee says, “I get to help people buy homes, work my own schedule, be my own boss, and have free time to spend with my friends and family.” Not only does Lee own a successful real estate company, he has hosted his own radio talk shows (KMPO 88.7 FM/KBIF 900 AM/KQEQ 1210 AM) for the last 15 years. Lee has worked with various non-profit organizations, making donations in support of Hmong candidates running for office, and holds a position on the Board of Directors for Hmong Business Association. Lee ultimately hopes to grow his real estate company business into a nationwide real estate and life insurance company and hopes to leave a legacy for his family and many generations to come.

As busy as he keeps himself, he never forgets to consider the future. He stresses that “we need to be more open to new ideas and networks to help provide more resources for our people.” More importantly, Lee invites fellow Hmong leaders and business owners to collaborate in sharing their stories successes and failures with the younger Hmong generation. Being a living example, Lee still struggles with the English language, but his accomplishments are evidence that anyone with the drive and motivation to succeed can achieve anything they want.

Written by: Elazanbee Vue
Photography: Tudor Stanley

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