Lee Lor

M.A. – BusinessAdministration
California State University, Fresno

B.A. – Criminal Justice
California State University, Stanislaus


First Hmong elected to County Supervisor in the State of California – Nov 2016
Co – Founder of Merced KIDS


The County Board of Supervisors is the highest elected body in Merced county, providing municipal services, infrastructure and economic development opportunities for the unincorporated areas outside cities’ boundaries. We also oversee health and human services which are: cash aid, CalFresh, public health, behavioral health & recovery services including mental health services, child support, child/adult protective services, indigent defense, district attorney, sheriff’s department, county library, employment training and more.

As a County Supervisor, I help set the budget for these services, create policy and ensure accountability. I am also the representative for Merced County with the state and national associations, working to make our voices heard and fighting for our county to receive the resources needed for success.


I am the second eldest of 14 children, all of whom were born in the United States. I spent my youth on both east & west coasts, and lived the past 19 years in Merced County. Like many refugee families, the older siblings cared for the younger siblings and we relied on public assistance provided by the County. I married young, despite my goal of college first. My husband Ber and I have four children.

Most of my life, I’ve always played supporting roles and chose to stay behind the scenes where I witnessed continuous unfair practices. I wanted to stop those practices and ran for public office to increase transparency, ethics and engagement in local government. I also ran to break the barriers within our Hmong culture and across cultures.