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Having begun their work in the real estate and mortgage industry in 1995, husband and wife team, Max and Grace Lee have built their career on drive and passion. Grace began by working as a loan officer at First Union where her rapport with clientele and excellent performance won her a number of “Employee of the Month” awards. Max began his work with Century 21 Real Estate. He served the Sacramento, Stockton, Elk Grove, and Chico area. There, he immediately excelled and earned the “Top Agent Producer” award for every year he was with the company. He later took his experience with him to First American Realty where his knowledge and talent led him to be appointed a real estate trainer.

The two find great self-satisfaction in helping people purchase homes, so eventually they opened their own brokerage in order to better cater their own style of services to best help their clientele. Max Real Estate Investment quickly became one of the leading residential brokerages in Northern California. Throughout the years, Max has moderated numerous panels for the Central Valley real estate community, including a recent panel addressing the rising defaults, and foreclosure in residential and commercial real estate.

This active presence in the real estate industry helps them stay on top of their game, and maintain their success. Currently, Max is also the Chief Economist for the Hmong Lee USA organization, where he provides analysis and gives strategic advice for business and economic growth.

Even with their business success, the couple makes time to help serve communities and contribute funds for education, while making their family unit a priority. Deriving inspiration from their four children, the two aim always to “motivate others to work with you in bringing about the success you want to have.”

The couple believes in “leaving the world better than we found it. And that by helping others achieve success, we set examples for one another and our children.”

While juggling their careers and family, Grace and Max believe that there are definite ways the Hmong American community can improve. There is a significant portion of our community that lives at or below the poverty level. The couple believes we can come together to educate our community’s understanding of the problems, and collectively seek solutions. By promoting education, leadership, and positive role models, which will lead our being a more prosperous whole. “There is a lot of work to do but it can be done.”

Written by: Andre Yang
Photography: Lue Vang

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