NhiaYeu Cha

Hmong USA TV

“Since I was a kid, I’ve always knew I was different. My goals, my life purpose, and my vision have been focused towards creating something meaningful,” said NhiaYeu Cha, owner of HmongUSA TV. Growing up in Long Beach, CA and having the opportunity of settling in the United States since 1976 gave NhiaYeu Cha an understanding of our Hmong peoples’ dream, passion and struggle. At the age of 27 years old in 1992, he relocated to Fresno with his wife, Geena Ly Cha. He launched a local FM radio station called Hmong SouthEast Asian Public Broadcasting Corp.(HSEA Broadcasting) for the Southeast Asian community to help the Asian refugee assimilate into the American mainstream through educational programming but was sold in 1996.

With a background in nursing, business management, mortgage lending, insurance, and real estate, he started many businesses; 5 Star Video, Your Health Solutions Inc., Yeugeena Consulting Firm, Hmong Insurance Agency, Benchmark Mortgage, Network Realty and Mortgage, and Cha Enterprise Inc. to assist the many growing needs of the Hmong community in the San Joaquin Valley. Riding on the momentum of success, NhiaYeu Cha a resident of Sanger, CA with his wife, Geena and their four children, BryenSaichou Cha, Eric Chueyee Cha, CerenaSashei Cha, and Abby Pachia Cha, were very happy on their 6.5 acreages lake estate.

In the summer of 2011 while vacationing in Disney World in Orlando, FL with his entire family, NhiaYeu realized that instead of retiring early, he can unite all the Hmong across the world through television. This local TV station will have programs that will be able to address all the Hmong issues, retain and document Hmong history and broadcast all the world events, news, and outreach to all the Hmong worldwide through technology such as the world wide web, smartphone, and RokuBox (Dishworld) all FREE. In December of 2011, HmongUSA TV was born.

Since the beginning of HmongUSA TV, NhiaYeu credits the viewers and their feedbacks and support for giving him motivation. He thanks the many volunteers who contributed their energy, time and talent to the TV. He also, thanks the many individuals who have donated money to support the many programs throughout the years. He thanks all the advertisers and brokers who supported the TV station. But, most important, thank the STAFF.

According to current data, HmongUSA TV is most viewed on digital 4.5 local, about 80,000 including the Lao community in the San Joaquin Valley . Other areas with the most viewers are Wisconsin, Minnesota, France, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, and Germany.

With such a young company, HmongUSA TV still needs volunteers, supporters and advertisers. But with NhiaYeu Cha, he created vision, hope, and dreams for the next Hmong generation. We ask him, how does he want us the general Hmong community to see him as.. “I would like to be seen not as anyone unique or special, but as a “Hmong” who is playing with a great team in this Hmong history movement which has struggled for many years, for decades and even centuries,” said NhiaYeu.

Photography: NhiaYeu Cha

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