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“We have leaders with passion helping people with dreams”, says Shone Yang the Chairman of Prestige Life. Prestige is in the business of marketing the American dream. For the right person, Prestige is the greatest business opportunity in the world. Prestige is an independent marketing company that offers you a chance to be in business for yourself but not by yourself. Prestige has powerful financial concepts and services to help families take charge of their financial future. It represents some of the top ten world-class product providers in the United States. Prestige founders are Shone Yang, Mitch Herr, Xou Fang, Billy Vang, Sunshine Quinn, and Teng Fang.

What set Prestige apart from other companies are their MISSION, VISION, and CRUSADE. The Prestige’s mission is to help families accumulate wealth and ensure proper protection. Their vision is to change the saving habits of families. Their crusade is to educate and inform families about the “truth of money”. These three key ingredients are behind the Prestige’s success. In addition, Prestige has a duplicable Business Format System which provides the blueprint for success. “Prestige is created by associates for associates…”, says Mitch Herr. You can build a nationwide business with Prestige. You can truly build a business for yourself with 100% ownership from day one. You will continue to receive residual income even when you’re no longer a part of Prestige. Through the Prestige opportunity, you have the freedom and power to create your own future. Prestige and Associates have expanded their business throughout the nation including: California, Minnesota, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Colorado.

Within the past five years, Prestige has shown its commitment to support the community by fundraising for and donating to many local organizations such as the Hmong International New Year Foundation Inc., the United Hmong Council Inc., Healing Hope, Inc., the CSU Fresno Hmong Student Association, various high school sports teams, as well as supporting many local and state political leaders. In the future, Prestige anticipates to offer scholarship for higher education as well as other initiatives to help our youth stay competitive and excel.

To the founders of Prestige, “success means (1) knowing exactly what you want in life, (2) turn them into goals, (3) developing a plan to achieve those goals by taking immediate action, (4) never give up your dreams and goals, and (5) becoming a good steward by helping others.” They believe achieving one’s goals is as important as helping others achieve their goals. “Being a good steward is not just about giving money, but more importantly is about sharing and teaching others to become successful in life as well”, says Mitch Herr. Prestige believes that Hmong business owners and leaders have a great responsibility not only to our individual families but to our community at large. Business and community leaders need to work in harmony to achieve the goals of Peace and Prosperity for our people. Prestige and its Associates are dedicated to providing financial resources and a risk-free opportunity for people who want to be their own boss and have control over their own destiny.

Written by: Andre Yang
Photography: Tudor Stanley

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