Thong Chai & Winton Xiong

TC Fresh Meat – Khw Moos Loob

What started out as a small meat section inside KC Supermarket in 2005, after just nine months would evolved to become one of the most successful and largest Hmong markets in the Fresno area. “The main reason my family and I decided to start our business is to honor and fulfill my father’s dream of owning a supermarket,” said Thong Chai Xiong, owner of TC Fresh Meats Super Market – Khw Moos Loob. “My father, Winton Xiong, spent more than 17 years working in a supermarket environment and has always dreamed about opening his own store that could help serve the Hmong population and also be a resource for the Fresno Hmong community. With his many years of experience working in the grocery industry for a large supermarket in Sacramento, Winton carefully observed, learned, sacrificed and saved his earnings so that he could enable my family to realized the dream of someday owning their own store.”

After many years of dreaming, in 2006, TC Fresh Meat Super Market – Khw Moos Loob, opened its doors for business and immediately surprised their patrons with their vast fresh variety of fresh meats, produce and Asian products. “What really sets our store from other Asian markets, is our extensive lineup of fresh meats and seafood. You would have to travel to larger stores to be able to get fresh live lobsters, crabs and lineup of so many types of fish at great prices. We offer a larger selection of fresh meats from pork, beef, and chicken in the best cuts and we always try to accommodate our customer’s needs.”

Thong Chai states that Khw Moos Loob’s success is based on their business philosophy: to treat every customer like family. Thong credits that this is what sets TC Fresh Meats Super Market – Khw Moos Loob apart from the competition. “If you show them that you really care about their needs, provide great customer service and try your best to have the things they need in your store, customers will come back time and time again.”

Thong Chai hopes to share with the Hmong community that, “we as a community are finally starting to make a movement and we need to keep it moving. In order to do so, we need to educate our kids and encourage them to want more for their futures. The parents of today’s society need to praise and really give our children the support they need to be and do better; as they are our future. We need for them to overcome all the changes that are currently in progress and make them better for the future; children have to have hope and continue to give the Hmong name a better meaning. Our Hmong business leaders and owners must give back to our community to start to strengthen it, because Hmong people always follow by example, as a business, the rest of your community will look up to you and watch what you do.”

Photography: Youa Vang

TC Fresh Meat – Khw Moos Loob
4790 E Belmont Ave
Fresno, CA 93702
Phone (559) 453-1038